15th Anniversary Celebration

In 2007 oil prices soared, home sales plunged, and the U.S. dollar was in a dive … and it was a big year of change for gadget heads and the tech industry: Apple rolled out the first iPhone, Nokia announced they would focus on mobile content and services rather than handsets, and Radiohead self-released their ‘In Rainbows’ album as a digital download!

New technologies revolutionized our lives, including the speed and way we do business. Against this backdrop, we launched Nightstar Partners as a boutique professional IT services firm and Microsoft partner focused on application development and integration services to enable businesses to meet their rapidly changing operational and regulatory requirements.

15 years later, we are in another time of global shifts.  For the last two years we have dealt with the ramifications of COVID upending people’s lives, economies and businesses alike.  We have entered a new era where our relationships with colleagues, companies, brands, and society are shifting at an accelerating pace.

At Nightstar, we are adapting to this new world. Some things remain the same.  We continue to build upon our core application development and integration competencies and capabilities; and have gained extensive experience working with organizations in the development and support of complex internal information data management systems.

Yet, we too change with the times.  We recently expanded our service offerings to include remote infrastructure management and DevOps/SecOps/CloudOps services for Managed Service Providers & Cloud Service Providers and Independent Software Vendors.

Looking ahead to next 15 years, we can’t know how the world or our industry will look.  But, in response, Nightstar will certainly adapt to meet new challenges and opportunities.  Our vision – our guiding star – has always been to form long-term relationships with partners and clients in which all parties share a vested interest in each other’s success, anchored in our core values.

Thank you for your business and trust in us.

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