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When TV shows depict offshore resources, we see a huge room with nameless people typing away or answering phones. While that might be true of some businesses, Nightstar prides itself on customizing engagements to meet clients’ needs.

In one case, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) approached us looking to outsource some of their network operations center (NOC) services. Their team was overwhelmed by doing all the NOC work alone, including every night and most weekends, and quickly burned out.

They needed more resources to provide proper management oversight to hire a local individual for nights and weekends and had a disappointing experience working with another offshore outsourcing company.

Nightstar worked with them to develop a pod-team approach. In this model, we provide a small team of engineers cross-trained on the MSP’s processes and procedures to provide US off-hours NOC support, allowing for seamless back-up and streamlining knowledge transfer.

In another case, a pharmacy software solution provider sought application developers in the Microsoft stack. They had a team of US developers; however, the developers did not have some of the required skills, and they had been unsuccessful in hiring additional workers with those skills. They contacted us to expand their resource pool, focusing on specific technologies and skillsets.

They were very clear in their requirements. They were looking for something other than junior or experienced resources willing to learn the technologies. Instead, they were looking for senior-level developers who could provide architectural guidance, recommendations, and mentoring for junior resources already on their team.

We started the engagement with one of our most senior developers. Over time, we have expanded their offshore team with dedicated, named resources working on various projects alongside their US counterparts.

Offshore staff augmentation means outsourcing specific tasks or functions to dedicated individuals or teams in other countries. Done right, staff augmentation helps companies better manage fluctuating skills needs, fill in skill gaps, and improve staffing flexibility while controlling costs.

The decision to outsource depends on an organization’s budget, goals and objectives, company management styles, and the teams’ chemistry and commitment to making the engagement work. Offshore outsourcing provides the opportunity for substantial cost savings. We proactively collaborate with clients to address and manage potential challenges like language barriers, cultural differences, and time zone changes throughout the engagement.

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